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Home Automation

Upgrade your comfort

You spend the most part of your life at home , that's why it is important to keep control over it even from the outside.

The new technologies provide you as of now to centralize the management of your devices and also to attend your needs in terms of comfort.

Home automation also aims for significant savings thanks to a better control of your energies.



Be prepared !

Often neglected because poorly understood by users,  security is however the first step to serenity.

At Random-Lab.io, more than a priority, we make it a game we play on each new project.

For your own security, our team will offer you a large panel of services both physical and virtual.

From CCTV to securing your own data passing through privacy on the Internet, we will gladly support you in your projects.

Additionally, we also wish to provide you advices and training relative to digital security to allow you to enjoy the new technologies confidently while protecting your privacy and your own data.

Don't wait for the next attack, BE PREPARED !


Computer science

Stay wired

Hard to not notice about today,  you certainly already have used this technology in various ways.

Popular but also difficult, IT has become essential in this new world, that's why our team will be happy to provide you all it's expertise.

By offering you advices and training, we commit ourselves to reveal the "Geek" inside of you.